Join us on a journey through New Zealand’s stunning natural waterways using iconic Kiwi crafts

Te Wai Pounamu Journey

— teh : wai  po : na : mu journey

On the Te Wai Pounamu Journey you will experience an epic 13 day journey through some of New Zealand’s premium waterways.

The waters of greenstone are what we will be following on this journey.
Te Wai translates to The Water and Pounamu is the Indigenous Maori word for greenstone or jade. Originally used for tools, weapons and jewelry, pounamu is steeped with tradition, culture and spirituality and is the old name for the South Island of New Zealand.

Begin your Journey

New Zealand Water Journeys want you to see the South Island of New Zealand in all its glory.  Accessing it by water and using some very iconic ‘Kiwi’ watercraft is the best way to see it.

We use technology and gravity to meander down mountainous water ways, jet boats to access steep river valleys and paddles to leisurely cruise New Zealand’s coasts. From the beginning of mighty rivers in glaciated valleys, all the way to and around our coastal waters, we want to show you the best scenery which cannot be accessed by coach or car.

Why New Zealand Water Journeys?


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